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Trying for Office 365 Login? If you don’t know on how to sign in office 365 email, We are here to help you with the correct URL of Microsoft Office 365 Portal Login. So that you could directly login to office 365.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s first product – accessible through – that come as both software but also a online service. It provides all office applications plus the related services like Outlook Online to consumers.

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Outlook 365 is officially replacing Hotmail Login so all existing and new users from Hotmail will be redirected to the Outlook 365 Login. For its subscribers, all services of Microsoft Office 365 can be used either on Windows and on OS X. It also provides storage space on Microsoft’s cloud service OneDrive, including a 60 minute Skype credit per month.

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Businesses and enterprise users can book the hosted version including e-mail and social networking through Yammer. This version provides all hosted web apps known to regular users as well.

Products & Services

Office 365 offers a couple of products and services. Interestingly, all of them can be managed through an online service where users can be added on the fly or imported from some local data file.

Office 365 Personal
$6.99 /mo or $69.99 /year
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access
1 PCs or Macs
One Drive Storage - Yes
Microsoft Support - Yes
Skype - Yes
Office 365 Home
$9.99 /mo or $99.99 /year
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access
5 PCs or Macs
One Drive Storage - Yes
Microsoft Support - Yes
Skype - Yes
Office Home & Student 2016
149.99 / one time
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote
1 PC
One Drive Storage - No
Microsoft Support - No
Skype - No
Office 365

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Most likely you know Office 365 through a hosted service. Business-oriented plans for Office 365 provide access to the cloud hosted version the server platforms on a SAAS basis, that include Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and of course the online version of the Office Web Appa suite. Users also receive 7 GB of online storage for services like SharePoint and One Drive.

Usually, you can only use the online version of Office 365 with the subscription plan but Microsoft started offering access to the desktop applications for all supported operating systems with some new plans. Users can also access Office Mobile apps from both Android and IOS devices.

Office 365 Web Apps

Office Online was formally known as Office Web Apps and is an online version of the office suite from Microsoft. It allows users to use all major office products like Word, Excel Outlook and OneNote as a lightweight online version.

Comparing the online version with the Software you buy in the store, it of course has its drawbacks. Not all fancy features are already ported, so don’t expect to much from the online version. Having said that, if you are just interested in writing emails or do simple calculations with Excel, the online version will be more than sufficient.

Office 365 Login: How to Sign in to your Account

This page explains in simple step-by-step instructions how to sign in to your office 365 account.


As a new user of office 365 email, you will have received office 365 portal login information from your organisation or administrator. This consists of two pieces of information:

  • a user name
  • a password.

Note: Your username will be an email address (typically the one you use for your organisation).

To enter this information, open your web browser and navigate to the office 365 login page at (you may like to bookmark this for future reference).

Enter your email address and password in the fields provided:

office 365 login

If you are using a secure machine that is not used by others, you may want to check the ‘Keep me signed in’ box. This prevents you from being logged out automatically, which can be useful if working with office 365 for extended periods of time. For security reasons, it is not advisable to leave your machine unattended if you have selected this option.

Click the blue ‘Sign In’ button.

The first time you log in to your account, you will be prompted to change your password. Select something secure (see this advice on creating a secure password) and hit ‘Save’.

Mission accomplished! You have secured your office 365 login information and accessed your account!

Office 365 University Program

This program is targeted towards universities and schools. It comes with a a 4-year subscription designed to support students in their day-to-day tasks. It was recently updated to include Office 2016 both for Mac and Windows. For more, check this link
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