I often have the urge to get more in depth knowledge in field of day-to-day computer work. Working with the Office Suite for more than a decade now, I feel like I am quit an expert already but anytime I stumble upon a well written book showing tips and tricks about all the different Office products, I feel like I am learning something that makes my work with these products more efficient.

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I compiled a list books about Office and in particular the Office 365 suite that I find extremely useful for both beginners but also more advanced users.

Books for Beginners

• Office 365 For Dummies

office 365 for dummies

As usual with Dummies books, this book seems to be well structured and easy to follow along. You will have the structure of the book figured out very quickly, since the authors pay a lot of attention to clarity of the book. This book is aimed for absolute beginners, but interestingly I find it very helpful as a handy way to look up certain workflows. Therefore I would say it is suited to all kinds of audiences, as everyone struggles with seemingly easy tasks from time to time.

In particular, the authors paid attention to the chapter about SharePoint, which is broken down into easy to follow best practices for your purposes, weather you are interested in collaboration of publishing websites. On thing I want to point out is that they have a full chapter about the Office Web Apps, aka Office Online. They compare the offline desktop app against the online version of the app. They go into detail and explain that the online version of both word and excel are almost the same to their Desktop versions but on the other site, PowerPoint and One Note are far less functional if using the Office Web App.

The Book is full of useful case studies, which are illustrated with easy to understand examples. The final chapter is full of useful tips about how to increase productivity, actually my favorite topic. I would recommend buying this book if you are a new starter or an intermediate Office user.

• Fundamentals of Office 365

fundamentals of office 365

In case you don’t have to much experience with office as a software product of any kind, this book is probably a good choice for you. That does not mean that the book does not cover more challenging problems. I just find this book to be very well structured so that you don’t need any kind of experience with Office software prior reading this book. However this book is aimed for folks that want to build a solid start with spreadsheets, email with outlook, word and other Office 365 products. If you really want to go further, I would recommend a book that goes deeper which I’ll present in the next section.

Books for Pro’s & Administrators

• Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out

microsoft office 365 administration

I absolutely recommend buying this book, it is my favorite among all the Office books that I own. I consider it my Office 365 bible. The book is actually written by Microsoft professionals, so they absolutely know what they are talking about. Looking through the comments on Amazon, other seem to agree with me. A Microsoft cloud essential partner worked with Office 365 for small businesses and the book was very helpful for him. In case you want to set up a direct sync, no problem – the book has the answer. If you are interested in setting up SharePoint, no problem – the book has its own section about this.

• Working with Microsoft Office 365: Running Your Small Business in the Cloud

office 365 for small business

I spent the last three weeks reading up on this book and I start getting the feeling that this might be very helpful for advanced Office 365 users. I am talking about administrators, who are interested in setting up the entire cloud. The book deals with setting up the domain and making it accessible from external clients. All technical details are thoroughly explained and no question about how to set up and run a small business on the cloud leaves to be unanswered.