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By | October 4, 2017

Hotmail Sign in: Talking about email services, there is nothing much better than Gmail but if you are looking the second best email services that you can use for sending your personal emails then you will not find as best as Hotmail. Till date other than Gmail email service Hotmail is also giving the best of its email service for which maximum users are attracted to it.

Talking about Hotmail login, this is having a very easy user interface for which most of the user like using this. Nowadays people have converted a lot using Hotmail email service and according to a survey we have known that Hotmail is providing better email services than before.

Hotmail Sign in – Create Hotmail Account at

hotmail sign in

Above you have already known about the importance of Hotmail in our daily routine today. But after recognizing the importance of emails and exciting features of Hotmail, the first question that arises is how to login hotmail / create account.

So today here in this article I am going to give you a full guide where you will apparently know about the procedure to create Hotmail account on your device. After creating your new account how to sign in easily so that you can use it for sending emails to people let it be for personal work or official work. So are you ready for the guide?

How to Hotmail Create Account Through

Here in this Hotmail sign up process, you will know about how to create account hotmail easily that is also for free of cost. Hotmail is also known as Microsoft account. On hearing a different name “Hotmail” other then Gmail you have thought that the signing up process will be username different and may be difficult. But here luckily I have come for you to tell you about the easy steps to sign up Hotmail account.

I bet after reading this ease steps of creating Hotmail account you will be able to sign in Hotmail account in just a few minutes. I mean to say you will be an expert in Hotmail sign in account 🙂 So here below we go with the steps.

Guide to Sign up Hotmail Account Easily Within Few Minutes:

1. For creating a new Hotmail Account go to “” where you will get options to give your Hotmail ID and password but as you have none of it, need to create an account first. Then click on the “Create” option which you will take you to a new webpage.

hotmail sign up

2. In this new webpage, you will find a form like structure where you will have to fill the boxes with the desires information that they ask.

3. Now in the name box, give your name. Make sure you give your real name in the name box because people will find easy to recognize if your send them any email. Give your first name in the “First name” box and last name in the “Last Name” box.

hotmail create account

4. Choose a perfect username which is matching with your name, but make sure you can also add numerical value in the username. Now for setting a username you have two options one is “” and the other is  ““.

If you are using Hotmail, then it will take you some time to get correct username because until and unless your username is unique from other you will not be allowed to go to further procedure.

I would like to suggest you to choose a dashing username so that you don’t regret later while using your email ID officially.

5. In the “Password” box give your password according to you. But I would like to suggest you that while setting your password, set your password which is easy for you but none other will be able to know your password. Make sure when you give your password you also include some numerical value in it to make the password more strong.

6. After setting your password, now select your country from where you belong to.

7. In the next step select your birth date, month and year. this option is mandatory and doesn’t worry this will be kept private.

8. The simple is Select your Gender in the “Gender” box.

9.  Give your Phone number in the “Phone number” box this will help you when you want to reset your forgotten password. So you must give that number only which is active. Also, add your secondary email ID.

create hotmail account

10. Now below you will find an image where you will get something written in it. So now enter the captcha code correctly in the box below. Remember if you don’t give the correct captcha code, you will not be able to sign up your new hot mail account. If you can’t understand the picture, then you also have the option of audio.

11. now after doing all the above-mentioned steps correctly click on the blue bar button where it is written as “Create Account.”

12. Now they will give your a verification code which you are to provide in the box. After giving the code click on the “Continue” button and finally you will be have your new Hotmail account.

hotmail com

So like this you can create your brand new Hotmail  account with your device easily and finally you will be able to sign up Hotmail account the few minutes.

Now you will be able to send all your emails, your personal or official emails through your new Hotmail account and you will also be able to use all the features of Hotmail now. Hope you have got this all easy steps to sign up a new Hotmail account.

The second most important thing after creating your new Hotmail account is that how to sign in or login your new created Hotmail account. As you have read about the simple steps of how to sign up your new Hotmail account. So this steps will be similarly very easy, let’s not delay anymore and let’s go with the steps.

How to Sign in Hotmail Account:

To sign in Hotmail account, there are many procedures that are also very easy but all this process are meant for a different style of login system, and you can choose any one all the steps will be very easy for you. I will tell you about all the steps to login Hotmail account.

Normal way to signing in Hotmail Account:

In this steps, you will normally need to do some simple steps that you do for logging into any other accounts like adding password or user name. Here also it is the same, but the thing is that the platform to login is little different from other email services, etc.

Anyway, let’s not wait anymore and go ahead with the steps below, hope you get it well.

hotmail login

1. Go to the official login in the site of Hotmail account that is “”. You have noticed that the sign-up and login site address are the same, but nothing to worry it is the same.

2. Now there in the web page, you will see two boxes one is your “email or phone” box and the other is “password” box.

3. Now in the “email or phone” box give your email ID or your phone number in the box and then

4. In the “Password” box give your account password and then click on the “Sign in” button.

5. After some time you will be there in your Hotmail account. Isn’t the steps easy?

This is a very simple and I think even a kid will be able to login to your Hotmail account if they know your username and password. So this is all you to do for login in into your Hotmail account safely, remember if you don’t remember your password then you will not be able to login to your account.

Tips of Setting Password:

Here I will give you some suggestions for setting password while creating your new Hotmail account because you need to be far-reaching if you want to keep your account safe and secure from all the hacker around.

So here below are the tips, and I am sure if you follow this tip to set your password while creating account then you will not only get a strong password, but you will also get an easy password which means you don’t have any chance to forget you password anymore.

1. While setting you must remember that your password should not only contain alphabets, but it should also have some numerical letters and some symbols if possible.

Giving password like this is much helpful because no one will be able to know your password combination easily.

2. Do not set your birthdate in your password. I am saying this because everyone thinks of doing this. But I am telling if you do this then it is easily hackable.

3. Your password should be at least of 8 characters.

So this is all the thing that I want to tell you to in case of the password. Now while setting your new password this thing you must keep in mind this thing and then set your password.

So this is all the steps to hotmail sign in and how to create hotmail account easily and safely. I hope you have all got how to do this all procedure easily and how to get your Hotmail ready within some few minutes. If you are having any problems, then comment us below 100% sure you will get a solution here, thanks for reading.

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