Outlook 365: Short & Simple AUTO-Replies

By | September 27, 2017

Taking a vacation… ? Does it ever bother you how your clients and contacts might react if they don’t hear from you for a few weeks? Rest easy – Outlook 365 can help.

outlook 365 auto replies

This article explains how set up auto replies when you are out of the office to let people know when you will be back and how soon they can expect a reply. Setting up auto replies in Outlook 365 is essential if you planning a vacation or business trip: especially if you wish to avoid frustrating your contacts!

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Outlook 365 Web App: Setting up Auto Replies

Before that, Login to Outlook 365

To set up automatic replies, open the Outlook web app and click on the gear icon at the top right-hand corner. From the menu, select Options. The Options Pane will open. On the left hand side, click Organize Email > Automatic Replies.

You will notice that the options for arranging automatic replies are greyed out and cannot be edited. To activate these options, you need find the Send Automatic Replies radio button and click it.

Once the options have been activated, you can go ahead and choose a start date and end date for sending automatic replies (for example, the first and last day of your vacation). Do this by checking the Send Replies Only During This Time Period box.

Go ahead and compose the message you would like send to contacts within your organization in the relevant text box. Click Save. Done!

Outlook makes it easy to send separate messages to people within your organisation and to people outside your organization. To compose a different message for external emailers, check the Send Automatic Reply Messages to Senders Outside My Organization box and compose the message you would like them to receive.

I hope this assists you in easily creating automatic replies in the Outlook 365 web app.

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