Outlook 365: Boost your efficiency using Rules

By | September 24, 2017

Have you ever wished you could tell your inbox what to do with incoming mail based on the sender, the content or some other factor? For example, tell Outlook 365 to automatically place all emails from your team in the ‘Team’ folder?

Set Outlook 365 Auto Replies

This post explains how you can take control of your inbox using Outlook 365‘s email filtering system, or, as it’s now called, ‘Inbox Rules’.

Email filtering has actually been around for quite a while; You may already be familiar with it from other Email programs. Here’s how to implement it in the Outlook 365 web app.

Setting up Outlook 365 Inbox Rules

Go to Outlook 365 Login

First off, click the gear icon beside your name and choose options from the drop down menu.  You will see an options pane on the left. The second menu-item from the top is the Organise email link.  Click this option to view the possibilities for organizing your email in the main window. The first option (in the horizontal menu this time) is Inbox Rules,  which is what we want.

In the horizontal list of the icons towards the top, click the ‘+’ sign (which is the first icon). Using this option, you can create a new inbox rule.

You will then need to choose an action that Outlook 365 should take upon receiving a new email.  There are two ways of doing this. You can either choose an option from the presets, (a list of common actions), or you can create your own criteria. Since this will be specific to you and your needs, choose an appropriate option from those available. To use a preset, simply select it, follow the steps and click Save.

To create a new rule based on your own criteria, select Create a new rule for arriving messages…  It is necessary to give your rule a name. Make sure that it is something that describes the action so that you can easily refer to it later (for example, when you want to delete or alter the rule).

Using the When message arrives… menu, select your chosen criteria so that Outlook 365 knows to which incoming emails it should apply the rule (i.e. set the filter). Then tell Outlook 365 which actions it should take using the Do the following… menu and click Save.

Done! You have automatised the actions that you want Outlook

to take when it receives messages based on your criteria.

I hope you found this post helpful and that you can manage you mail more efficiently as a result.

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