As a user of various Office products for decades, I know dealing with the the range of products is not always easy. Thankfully, I had the time to ask a knowledgable team member of friend who knew the answer to the problem. In current times, things get even easier, if you know how to ask, if you know where to ask! I have compiled a couple of different sources where you can get help for any of you problems around Office 365.

Check: Office 365 Sign in

Office 365 Support Community

office help support

This is literally the first place, where I would start my search for an answer. No matter how strange your problem is, its most likely that someone has had it before and some of them went to the community where users post questions that get answered by experts ore even staff members.

Official Office 365 Help Center

This is the official support site for Office by Microsoft. I am actually impressed by the number of articles they managed to produce over the years. Some of them are not always up to date but that may be because the product is changing in a rapid speed. Anyway, for 90% of the usual questions like where is the login for office 365 or how do I add a signature, the help center has an answer to. If you encounter more challenging technical problems, you might want to continue reading…

Microsoft Support Line

microsoft support

Yes, Microsoft actually has a support line. Since this way of supporting customers is actually not very scalable, you might have some trouble getting through though. Microsoft has several different numbers for different problems, depending if you need support with word, excel, sharepoint or outloook. They also separate between technical and sales problems. Its best if you go and have a look. You find your way, since the site is well structured and will guide you to the correct contact.

Google Helpouts for Office

helpouts by google

This could actually be a game changer. Usually, product experts are hard to come by in the internet simply because they have better things to do than showing us how to login to, right? With Google Helpouts, you can exclusively book one of those “Experts” for a session to bombard him with your questions. The database for experts is already quite packed and there are several of them offering their help specifically for Office 365 products, have a look!