Team Player? 3 Ways Outlook Can Help

By | September 25, 2017

In this short tutorial you will discover how to harness the power of Outlook to improve your teamwork by using team meetings, email and calendars.

Thanks to the Outlook Web App, you can now create a name for your team and coordinate your schedules and meetings, as well as send team emails.

Email Your Team

After you have entered your Office 365 Login, make sure you are in the Outlook Web App and then click Home > Options.  In this menu, select the Groups link and click New (you will find this under Public Groups > Own).

outlook 365

First select a name for your group and type it under Display Name. You will then need to choose the members for your new team/group by using the AddSelect Members options.

You can now email your team by selecting the team’s Display Name in Outlook.

Meet with your Team

Scheduling a meeting with your team using the Outlook Web App is simple. Making sure you are in the Outlook Web App, look on the left for the Calendar bar. Make a new appointment by double-clicking both the time and day you wish to meet. You should then enter the Subject and enter where the meeting will take place.  After that, you can simply select the team members you wish to attend and send. Done!

Let them Know

Your Calendar is a useful tool to make sure that you and your team are on the same page. To share your Calendar with a group or team, first make sure you are in the Calendar view. Then choose Share > Share This Calendar. Select the people you wish to view your calendar and you are ready to go!

To Sum up…

Outlook can help you to communicate with specific people or groups and facilitate teamwork in your organisation. Harness the power of Groups to make your easier when it comes to communicating with your team.

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